Entertainment Centers to Entertain the Whole Family

The center-of-attention in American family homes has been the television for many decades. When thinking about a remodel, a custom storage and entertainment center is the perfect way to showcase the new flat screen with style and functionality.

  • Start your planning by deciding on what and how many items you will be displaying. Think about current and/or future time frames in order to map out the right amount of cabinet space for electronics, cables, and proper ventilation.
  • Are you interested in disguising everything? Closing off the television and hiding unused items with a pair of beautifully finished doors can turn the room into something more formal from an everyday space if desired. It creates a clean slate and changes the focal point of the room.
  • Make goodies like DVD’s, CD’s, controllers, and books easily accessible to everyone. Store toys near the bottom and breakables on the top. Providing options such as see-through doors, deep drawers and wide shelves make cleanup a simple task.
  • Safety comes first with an organized cabinet system for cables and connections that keeps them out of sight. Prevent kids and pets from harm and de-clutter at the same time.
  • Lastly, make your entertainment center appealing to the eye.  Mix and match different finishes and patterns with a variety of drawers, shelves, baskets and areas for hanging. What you’re looking for will stand out in a stylish fashion.