Plan Ahead for Your Remodel

 With all the information available on the internet, many homeowners have decided to plunge into remodeling their kitchen DIY style. Although many dreamy home-and-garden magazines may break it down into easy steps, much of the creative process isn’t laid out in these mini-guides. Before you take a hammer to the wall, here are three tasks we find many people forget to consider.
1.Find specific inspiration.
Organize photos you find and categorize them by what strikes you the most, such as the countertops, backsplashes, cabinets, lighting, etc. If they’re from a magazine, circle it, or write a small description if it is from an online source. There are even apps created for inspiration seekers. This way, you can start gathering ideas about how certain designs would fit into your own kitchen.Check out our products section for a start!
2. Seek professional help.
Designers really do know their stuff. Plus they are familiar with the creative process and can help to pull the ideas out of your head and make them come to life. They can also educate you on things you might not realize until it’s too late. Whether you prefer to have a helping hand during the entire process or just when it’s time to start the remodel, an experienced and talented professional can create a space that is a dream come true.
3. Know your current kitchen.
Know your habits… “I eat breakfast on the veranda almost every morning.” Take note of frequent frustrations… “Everything on the bottom shelf falls out every time I open the pantry.” And don’t forget your “I wish” list… “I wish I could use that cabinet in the corner without crawling into it!”. Sharing these may spark a great idea or simply guide you on where to skimp or splurge. Be open to alternative choices and trade-offs.
Wishing you a successful remodel!